A simplistic graphic identity for a simpler future. — Subscrybe — AM Copenhagen — Graphic design studio
AM Copenhagen + Subscrybe

Long story short

Our project with Subscrybe was to create an enduring identity with unpretentious graphics for a company who, much as AM, strongly believes in the importance of long term customer relations. Since Subscrybe is first-movers within the field of subscription services, our goal was to develop a brave identity wherein the action of pressing a button or checking a box was in focus.

The idea

The idea was to focus on the symbolism within the visual language of subscribing. We all know the checkboxes, the buttons, and the asterisk (the star) from online subscription services, e-commerce, and so on. Our idea was to use these graphic elements in the identity to move the focus on the interaction between the company and the client, as this reflects Subscrybe’s ambition for ensuring productive partnerships through easy-to-use systems. The identity shows how companies need to consider how the future brings forward new business models. With a little help from Subscrybe, these may be the future for almost any company.

The outcome

The project was executed with the subscriber in mind, from the custom typeface, web design, and printed materials. The identity mainly surrounds the typeface which we have customised to contain the checkbox, the asterisk, and underline of the brand name. The final outcome is an easy-to-use identity, with animations that replicate the active process of subscribing. The asterisk was also specifically chosen to show how a symbol, which is often related to complex small prints, can mean something more fun and promising. The graphic design focused on a simplistic and unpretentious feel, to emphasize the accessible and effective results which Subscrybe can help corporations toward. It’s all about subscribing to the future.