A brand that stands out – just like the family behind it

Most people probably know that the Ree family is not afraid to take risks or stand out, and that they are people who are concerned with creating results both in business and in the more purpose-driven activities. 

Four new brands

The Ree family has undergone a generational change and has reorganized their activities into four new brands, which AM has helped shape. 

In close collaboration with the Ree family, we have developed names for the four brands, created a visual universe and four websites that at once give each brand its unique expression and at the same time show a clear kinship between them. 


A broad portfolio

The Ree family's activities range from private equity investments to purpose-driven and

charitable activities and for property management. Common to all the activities is an approach that is driven by empathy, strong attitudes and the desire to make a difference.  

  • Ree Office is the unifying brand that brings together all the family's activities in a universe that is based on the family's fundamental values; trust, respect, humility, persistence and making a difference. 

  • Torque is the investment brand. The name and visual universe are inspired by the energy, power and elegance of motorsport. The universe signals the focus the family has in the approach to its investments. And then it stems from the family's love of cars.  

  • Reeason contains the Ree family's purpose-driven activities across companies, organizations and projects. What they have in common is a dedication to looking after nature, endangered species and ecosystems. The universe is as colorful as nature, and this is where you can meet Ree Park in Ebeltoft and Karen Blixen Camp in Kenya.

  • Bricks houses the Ree family's real estate operations.

From websites to powerpoint and movies

In the collaboration, AM has unfolded the design on websites, letter and powerpoint templates, etc.

In addition, we have been in charge of art direction and cut three films in close collaboration with Kevin Odsgaard, who filmed and graded the material. The four websites are at once completely their own and at the same time function as a unified universe that gives a clear impression of the Ree family's values ​​and approach.


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