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Metro choose fast billede

Long story short

One of the greatest parts of travelling to Copenhagen is the easy-peasy part of getting to the city from the airport via the metro. Still, many people completely disregard this option. Our project with the Copenhagen Metro focused on creating awareness about the benefits of choosing the faster option. The project was executed in close collaboration with our creative friends at the Unicorn.

Metro choose fast ide
Metro choose fast billede

The idea

The purpose of the campaign was to create a strong visual presence in a fast-paced environment, which could make the metro a more attractive and instinctual choice when travelling in Copenhagen. With great emphasis on the “fast” quality of the metro, and colourful graphic designs on floor, wall, and ceiling spaces, we aimed to create a memorable, fun, and dynamic experience for travellers. The idea was to guide them to the metro through the movement of the graphic design of the campaign.

Metro choose fast folder

The outcome

The project was developed through close collaboration with the Unicorn and the Copenhagen Metro. The outcome included a strong visual presence in Copenhagen Airport with animations, digital designs, photographs, and a dynamic colour scheme. The digital design focused on horizontal lines which merge the colours of the metro lines, surrounding areas, and the city centre. Through the combination of written communication and images, all giving an impression of movement, the design intended to guide travellers with its promises of speed and convenience. If they are looking for the “fast track”, they better choose the metro!

Metro choose fast brochure
Metro choose fast brochure

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