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Long story short

Lotte Hansen and Charlotte Ersbøll are the founders and creators of the awe-inspiring company, Hansen and Ersbøll Agenda (HEA). Since 2017 the company has maintained extensive focus on helping various organizations maintain standards that comply with the United Nations sustainability goals, goals that not only benefit the organizations themselves but also local and global communities as a whole. AM Copenhagen has collaborated with HEA in order to better strengthen its communication capabilities and spread awareness of the incredible work HEA has to offer. HEA works to create an impact and make a difference on a global scale. We aim to give HEA a powerful yet easily recognizable identity that within a creative world will sharpen its image and inspire others to make a difference.

sustainability goals design
sustainability goals design
sustainability goals design
sustainability goals design

The idea

When Lotte Hansen ten years ago today first embarked on her journey that later became HEA, their previous logo was mainly inspired by the Bauhaus movement, an artistic movement with a primary focus on community and social order. While HEA is still currently centred around these notions, its new visual identity seeks to combine the colourful multifariousness of the UN sustainability goals with the stringent functionalism of the Bauhaus movement. By combining these concepts AM Copenhagen seeks to create a design that not only highlights HEA core principles but is also expressive and unique.

sustainability goals - design
sustainability goals publication design
sustainability goals publication design
sustainability goals - folder and batches

The output

We are proud to announce that Hansen and Ersbøll Agendas' new visual identity successfully showcases their creative approach and innovative work style. Through the combination of dynamic flexibility and our own extensive graphical toolbox, we have conveyed HEA's message and story across multiple platforms. We have successfully created graphic elements, layout principles, a website and a brand-new logo that is not only unique to HEA but perfectly captures the vision, values and core principles of the company.

sustainability goals power point design
sustainability goals - t-shirt and tote bag

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