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Long Story Short

Right A/S is a brand new yet very experienced firm in the recruitment and advisory space. They came to AM with a strong set of ideas for us to challenge. What Right does well is all about finding the missing pieces. To do that, you need a deep knowledge of what you’re looking for, the right candidate, as well as an equally deep understanding of what and whom you’re connecting the right candidate with. We thought the idea of the missing pieces was a great starting point for the full, visual identity including the design of Right’s website. 

Right - artboard
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The idea

Right A/S are professionals, and they work closely with other professionals in charge of securing the right people for their corporate finance- and IT-functions. This crowd knows what they want and with Right’s new visual identity the firm can tell the clients straight up, that they can deliver. Right needed a robust design, which was easy to navigate in, apply and scale. A design, which is kind to the eyes, yet radiates professionalism and communicates strongly and directly. 

Right - photostyle
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The solution

Our work centres on the concept of the missing pieces applied in a variety of modular, often dynamic elements. We chose a somewhat conservative palette of colours but with a twist of the modern, enabling the client to mix the primary colours without loss of stringency. To add consistency, the colours have been integrated into the photographic style. 

To be honest, the typography wasn’t that hard. It’s geometrical to underline the discipline and professionalism of what Right does, but it’s still somewhat humancentric which is what this industry should be all about. The strong g in the name is the most prominent feature, sort of the centrepiece, mixing tradition and modernity. 

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