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AAB is a housing association that has existed since 1912 and has contributed to building the concrete frame around Copenhagen and nearby areas, for over a century. With already rock solid groundwork, the housing association needed help to refurbish the old bricks, and update the strategic foundation for the brand, in order to gain a more modern look, suitable for the time and new generations.


The idea

We designed a brand strategy for AAB, which involved an update of their visual identity as well as a core story and tone of voice, uniting and anchoring their unique history – vision, mission, and values – internally and externally.

With over one hundred departments, it was crucial that the new identity and communicative strategy was both accessible and applicable for everybody in AAB. A design system with graphic tools will carry out the task, and at the same time, ensure a clear, more present communication that addresses a much wider audience.

The design system is inspired by the idea of a bulletin board, where information regarding both renovation and flea markets – from the housing association and the neighbours – often takes place. The bulletin board is, like the design system, characterised by being composed of different elements, able to communicate on a large and small scale.

The solution

The illustrations capture all the functions that AAB is managing, and the visual element sets the housing association apart from other competitors. The typography was modified – inspired by the aesthetics of the balconies – the logo we adjusted, but preserved the original look. By using the design system, AAB is able to combine the logo with different graphic elements, making a more diverse communication possible.

The chosen colour palette is based on the iconic buildings by AAB. The colours are named after the streets they represent – assigning AAB more ownership of the new visual identity. The colours are unique, yet moderate. They uphold and contribute to professionalism, but at the same time revitalise the oldest housing association in Denmark. 

AAB design totebag and notebook
AAB design

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