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Arne Jacobsen is not just a design and architecture icon; everyday people around the world interact with his work, pass by his buildings, sit in his chairs and enjoy a meal with his cutlery. Now his full body of work is brought to life and can now be experienced on The website is the culmination of our close collaboration with the Jacobsen family, developing a brand and visual identity that is true to the heritage and design universe of Arne Jacobsen but still fit for the future. 


A virtual home

The website is designed as a virtual home for Arne Jacobsens’ life’s work. A space presenting the history, the organization, the iconic buildings and the designs. 

At everyone can experience the many dimensions of his design and iconic creations in a visual space created by AM together with Arne Jacobsen Design. The design of the website is simple yet distinctive, finding inspiration from the iconic line and utilizing the original Arne Jacobsen colours. 

A central element on the website is the stamp of origin using the Arne Jacobsen signature. The stamp was developed as part of the visual identity and is used by Arne Jacobsen Design as a guarantee that the products are exactly the way Arne Jacobsen designed them in the past. 


Digital library and exhibition

As part of the development, AM also crafted an internal digital library. The library is a tool and search engine, containing every product Arne Jacobsen was ever involved in the design of. Here the cultural heritage is achieved and curated as a foundation for maintaining and expanding the design heritage of Arne Jacobsen. From his original drawings, furniture, and sketches to textiles and buildings. 

AM has also created the visual identity for the big Arne Jacobsen exhibition at Trapholt Museum.


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