“The sky is the limit” visual campaign development. — Roskilde university — AM Copenhagen — Graphic design studio
AM Copenhagen + Roskilde university

“The sky is the limit” visual campaign development.

What the Future Holds

Long story short

Our project with Roskilde University (RUC) revolves around a question many young people probably asks themselves: what do I really want to do? Our mission was to make an inventive campaign, with brand strategist Camilla Frederiksen and the creative agency Kadaver, which would attract the attention of prospective BA and MA students through identifiable campaign content.

The idea

AM helped creating a campaign for Roskilde University which would illustrate a recognisable and thought-evoking question among young people, as well as illustrating guiding, diverse, and potentially helpful answers. The idea with the campaign and graphic design, was to create a visual representation of the anxieties of prospective students, as well as potential points for inspiration. We wanted to communicate that educational institutions, such as RUC, offer a wide variety of subjects, possibilities, and opportunities. By simply asking passer-by’s what they want to do, the ideas will probably surface in their minds and allow for an amount of self-searching and discovery.

The outcome

The campaign was developed with focus on engaging and colourful graphic design. It showcased real student representatives from RUC, and due to the strategic font-size of the question “what do you really want to do?” the onlooker must read the small print to discover the answer. The campaign included print design, as posters, metro door stickers, animation, and website design. Every photograph tells a story, and encourages young prospective students to start creating their own narrative and identity.