A delicious graphic identity for a new high-end Copenhagen-based restaurant. — Restaurant format — AM Copenhagen — Graphic design studio
AM Copenhagen + Restaurant format

A delicious graphic identity for a new high-end Copenhagen-based restaurant.

Explore a Formatted Culinary Experience

Long story short

Restaurant Format was a new restaurant in the Copenhagen culinary scene, whose idea was to bring an experienced staff together on a fresh playground wherein the “new-nordic cuisine” would be explored. Not only was the goal to challenge and explore new formats, but also to be in the very top of the Copenhagen dining-league. We wanted to accommodate the high ambitions, and create a contemporary design system which would reflect Restaurant Format’s explorative idea, without drawing the attention away from the plate.

The idea

Our mission was to create a delicious, yet subtle, graphic identity for Restaurant Format and their adjacent cocktail bar Form, which could be used in several formats. The idea was to create an ever-changing logo design system where the letter position would expand, relative to the format. We wanted to create a simple design system, with a strong personality, a connection to the format-theme of the restaurant’s name, and a visual tone-of-voice. A voice that would reflect the exquisite surroundings of the restaurant’s location in Hotel Skt. Annæ, and the rich and modern combination between Scandinavian design and international cuisine.

The outcome

The project with Restaurant Format not only included a brand workshop, a visual development process, and the final deliverables. AM was also on-board to experience the feel of the restaurant, before and after the officiel opening, to ensure that every element of the design replicated the essence and tastes of the desired experience. The identity we created focused on a stylish feel, expressing both the modern design trends of Scandinavia, and a twist of international spice. The identity was implemented in both digital and printed formats, such as animations, menus and signage.