A go-getting graphic identity. — Radius Kommunikation — AM Copenhagen — Graphic design studio
AM Copenhagen + Radius Kommunikation

Long story short

Our project with Radius Kommunikation deals with the idea of ensuring strong and effective communications as an inevitable and continuous part the society of today. Radius Kommunikation consults businesses and develops great solutions for improving professional communication. Their aim is to make an impact, and our mission was similarly to create a strong, communication-based, and ambitious graphic identity for them.

The idea

AM wanted to reflect Radius Kommunikation’s passion for consulting people and businesses about which communication strategies to implement, to ensure the best possible results. Our goal was to create a similar “best as possible result” for Radius, through the creation of a bold, ambitious, and colourful graphic identity. The identity was supposed to reflect Radius’ ambitions in a dynamic and opportunistic way, to show how they strive for securing the best possible communication methods for their clients.

The outcome

The project was created with a strong motivation to provide Radius Kommunikation with a brave identity and a visual edge. The outcome included digital design, dynamic animation, logo design, office templates, web design, and print materials. The designs took inspiration from Radius’ name, as well as their roles as mediators between senders (S) and receivers (R). These letters were central for most of the development of the graphic identity, with its bold colours and twirling lines, communicating Radius’ role as stepping-stone in an oftentimes surprising journey from one goal to the next. As Winston Churchill said: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”