Gaining brand recognition with a redesigned graphic identity. — Dansk selskab for Patientsikkerhed — AM Copenhagen — Graphic design studio
AM Copenhagen + Dansk selskab for Patientsikkerhed

Gaining brand recognition with a redesigned graphic identity.

PS! (Patient Safety)

Long story short

Our project with Danish Society for Patient Safety revolves around the patients rights and safety, and trustworthy communication. Danish Society for Patient Safety is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to ensure that patients, relatives, and healthcare professionals feel safe, supported, and respected in the Danish healthcare system. Our mission was to communicate these brand values through a hearty, professional, and far-reaching graphic identity.

The idea

AM introduced the PS! logo to gain brand recognition and attract the attention of people in the Danish healthcare system. We wanted to communicate the importance and seriousity of Danish Society for Patient Safety’s mission: to create a better, and more satisfactory, healthcare environment in Denmark – both for those who work in medical institutions and practises, and those who need medical support. The aim for the identity was to communicate the durable and open-minded service, which the organisation aims to provide. In the end, the healthcare system can only adapt to people’s individual wants, worries, and needs, if they make someone aware of them.

The outcome

The project included a graphic identity with a logo design, a dynamic colour scheme, printed and digital design, and an attention-grabbing tone-of-voice. The identity focuses on the movement from a wide-range design to a close-up and detail-oriented approach, by emphasizing PS!. The design of the abbreviation, as well as the choice of vivid colours and bold typeface, was used to highlight a more humane and down-to-earth tone-of-voice, identifiable for patients, relatives, or healthcare professionals.