A bold and youthful visual identity. — Christianshavns Gymnasium — AM Copenhagen — Graphic design studio
AM Copenhagen + Christianshavns Gymnasium

Long story short

Our project with Christianshavn Gymnasium (CG) revolves around guiding a high school with a long historical brand personality into the twenty-first century through a new graphic identity. Our mission was to reimagine Christianshavn Gymnasium’s brand in a fresh, youthful, and exciting identity while maintaining their important heritage.

The idea

AM wanted to create a memorable and brave visual identity which would reflect CG’s core values of encouraging liberty, equality, and fellowship in their students. We created an identity which would express these motivating ideas of inclusivity, while still paying some tribute to the history of the high school, without becoming too institutionalised in the visual design. The graphic identity, instead, focused on a dynamic, inventive, and lively design which would communicate the school’s principles.

The outcome

The project included the development of a reimagined brand personality and graphic identity for CG. The idea was to modernise the high school, through a youthful design, implemented on their website, printed design, office templates and student merchandise. The bold and energetic graphic design was used around the interior school facilities, as well as on digital platforms. We chose to stick to a fixed and vivid colour scheme, inspired by the location of the school, but also made it possible to freely change the font – to represent the school’s core value of encouraging diversity.