A calming identity for an innovative medical device. — Airsonett — AM Copenhagen — Graphic design studio
AM Copenhagen + Airsonett

Long story short
Airsonett is behind one of the most innovative products for treating symptoms related to allergies, asthma, and eczema. Their non-invasive device simply provides clean air, to eliminate breath-restricting symptoms and conditions. Our goal was to bring attention to the innovative nature of their product, by creating an airy graphic identity, focused on the end-user rather than the complexity behind the technology.

The idea

Our aim was to promote Airsonetts important mission to relieve the symptoms generated by allergies and similar respiratory ailments – simply by using fresh and clean air. We wanted to create a graphic identity which would reflect the movements of unhindered airflow, and the relaxing and freeing feeling one might experience when using the device. The aim of the identity was to cast light on a non-pharmacological and natural remedy, and bring more attention to the possible relief asthma and allergy sufferers might experience when using the device.

The outcome

The outcome of this project is a full-blown identity including; tone-of-voice, animation and illustration concepts, logo design, photography, digital design, and printed materials, such as posters and letterheads. The colour scheme of the project focused closely on replicating the essence of calming and healing air, whilst the softly moving animation design was intended as a representation of soothing and unobstructed breathing. One of the main ideas behind the design was to emphasize the natural quality of Airsonett’s products, and the life-changing effects the natural at-home treatments might bring to sufferers. A breathtaking design, ideal for a product that makes people breathe again.