Designing world class spirits. — 1423 — AM Copenhagen — Graphic design studio
AM Copenhagen + 1423

Long story short

Our ongoing partnership with 1423 – World Class Spirits started back in the days when AM was born. It all started with a single label for a bottle of rum and since then, it has evolved into dozens of product lines, tasting-kits, POS-materials, and an ongoing friendship where graphic design and alcoholic substances come together in beautiful unity. Our partnership with 1423 has included design-prototyping of several products, as well as designing the final packaging for all their product lines. We keep exploring new styles, products and markets –  we are the perfect match!

The idea

Being a graphic studio focused on brand design, it lies in our DNA to think about scalability and brand hierarchy. Even though our collaboration with 1423 started with the making of a logo for a barrel and bottle, our ability to think systematically and create great design solutions, has opened up for more opportunities. 1423’s position as the fastest growing distributors of premium liquor in Denmark, has required an ongoing brand development process to ensure a strong and durable visual identity, which would capture the personality of each product, even from the exterior design of each bottle. The result is a visual identity with a Scandinavian feel, but also a strong inspiration from the visual traditions of the spirits industry.

The outcome

Our partnership with 1423 – World Class Spirits has led to the creation of a strong visual identity, suitable for equally strong liquor. The identity includes the development of a 24-day rum calendar, logo design, printed materials, product photographies, and individually tailored label- and bottle designs. Our mission was to reflect the unique blend of each product in our graphic design solutions. Rum for all, and all for rum!