Brand Identity

A visual identity that activates your brand strategy

The visual part of your brand is the first thing consumers encounter.

Therefore it is important that it activates the brand strategy and reflect your strategic aspirations. If you have a strong strategy and can convey your story and relevance through visual and graphic elements, you strengthen your arguments and can take a strong position on the market. 

We specialize in building visual identities that are strategically based and strengthen the overall impression of your brand.

What is a visual identity?

All branding and design processes are different, and a visual identity can consist of many elements such as a logo, images, animations, illustrations, colours, tagline, and typography. But all brands have different needs and challenges.

At AM, we help you with discovering your needs and design the process in close collaboration with you.

Development of visual identity

It is important to us that our customers are familiar with their brand and the new visual identity. Therefore we start all collaborations with a brand workshop to discover your current challenges and future wishes. 

The strategic work helps to determine the visual direction of your brand identity, which contributes to an overall harmony between all elements.

Sometimes the visual identity requires adjustments to the logo or colours, other times completely new visual elements must support old ones – and it can also be that a completely new identity is needed.

Regardless of whether you are new to the market or have many years of experience, we always focus on your needs and always have a strategic starting point.

At AM we have good experience in including customers at the beginning of the process to ensure that the identity is aligned with visions and realities - and ultimately a successful implementation both internally and externally.

From idea to brand guide


Logo design

A logo is a brand's trademark and strongest visual characteristic. A logo can consist of one or more parts, including the brand mark, which is a symbol or icon, a name feature and/or a tagline/byline.

 At AM we believe that a logo should reflect the values and visions of the brand rather than the trends of the time.  A logo must capture the entire brand DNA and create the right associations as well as be easy for the consumer to decode and recognize. When designing a logo it is also crucial to think about the dynamic and many contexts of the use both in digital and analogue spheres.

Choice of colours

The choice of colour palette plays a great part in a visual identity because different colours make us feel and think differently. Colours can get in the way of the right message, and at the same time, colours can highlight characteristics of a product or brand and create anticipation and moods.


Typograhi is more than picking the right font type. The typeface, font type, font size, spacing, alignment and more are all element that matters. Especially as brand communication involves information through text. 

At AM we have great experience in using existing typography, but sometimes something completely new is needed, and our skilled designers have created typography with beautiful and unique details, tailored to the brand's specific needs and character.

Implementation and activation of new identity

The implementation of the visual identity is alpha omega. We develop a brand guide for you to ensure that your employees have all the knowledge and understanding of the brand's strategy and visual expression, on which a successful implementation depends - and which ultimately contributes to you standing strong in the market.


Tone of voice

The tone of voice of your campaigns, social media posts, chatbot and website is key to how you are perceived. We can develop a tone of voice that is unmistakably yours. We work closely with you, basing it on a brand platform we’ve developed together or one you have defined yourself. 

With the right tone of voice and a strong visual identity, you have stellar tools for creating experiences that move your business. 


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