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Packaging Design

Packaging does so much more than simply containing your product. It should inspire the consumer to take the product off the shelf.

The packaging design should convey your brand’s values and strategy, as well as describing the product inside. It is a three-dimensional experience of your brand that allows the consumer to see, touch, smell and hear it.

The consumers expect packaging design that speaks to them and connects with the experience they have of the brand in other areas, such as on social media and in advertisements.

The packaging is your last chance to convince the consumer to buy your product. When it’s on the shelf, it needs to stand out from the other products. It needs to appeal to the consumer, catch their eye and convince them that your product is the right purchase.

On top of that, there is legislation on marketing and labelling guidelines that must be complied with.


Printed materials

In need of a flyer, illustration or business card? Or a layout for a magazine, book, roll-up, trade fair stand or report?

Perhaps you need to brand merchandise, from umbrellas to notebooks? We can help – no job is too big or small. 

Day to day

In need of a flyer, illustration, business card, PowerPoint template or short video for social media? We can help you straight away.

Annual reports

Whether it’s an annual report, an ESG report or a corporate magazine, we can help you with the design. We provide visual storytelling that perfectly underpins the information you want to share. 

The format might be a PDF, a print, a website or a Word file you can work in yourself. Let’s talk about which solution meets your needs. We can help you throughout the process, with a sharp focus on deadlines and according to best practice for handling sensitive information.  


The digital experience of your brand is often the primary and most direct connection to consumers and your other target groups. Good digital design should therefore strengthen the experience of your brand, while uniting identity with strategy.

At AM, we know how to strengthen your brand digitally.

To us, digital design is so much more than a website. It comprises a range solutions built on your strategy and insights – taking into account communication, functionality, navigation and identity. We develop concepts, design and build digital identities, and help with UX design – and we’ll guide you through the entire journey, from start-up to launch.



Is PowerPoint your power tool? Or is it a tool you haven’t quite mastered yet? We can help you unleash its full potential for your communication needs. We can redesign your PowerPoint template – or create one from scratch. It’s a fast and easy way to work more efficiently. Reach out to us for a bespoke design and coded template.

Social Media Templates

When it comes to social media, it’s nice to have templates that make it easy to publish and spark curiosity – and that are still unmistakably you. We help you with everything from a simple design template you can work  with to create your own content, through intro and outro videos you can use for your video content, to developing ready-made social media posts, complete with idea, text, design and video. We’re also happy to teach you how to use your templates.



We all love film and storytelling. Listening to and telling stories is a distinctly human activity. Film is storytelling in moving images. And a great film can help you emphasise your intentions and motives as a business while showcasing your products, services and other offerings in a way that moves the viewer. Film is difficult to explain because it is so easy to understand.


We help you designing the physical meeting with your brand. Whether is a store, an office or a stand. We've done signage, wayfinding, and retail for clients including POX and shop-in-shop to help their product meet their customers in an engaging way.

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