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Brand Audit

Book a Brand Audit and get insights that you can act on immediately.
What do others say, what do others see, what is the perceived value of your brand.
Is there a match between who you want to be and what signals you send out?


The target group is brand managers, directors, boards or management groups.


In a Brand Audit, we go through the following parameters, which we report back to you at a presentation meeting:


– The external perception of your brand as a whole
– Communication in general
– Tone-of-voice
– Social media channels
– Available platforms
– Visual identity
– Existing revenue streams and possibly ideas for new ones

Brand Audits is aimed at all industries and all sizes of companies.
Our customers have been everything from media companies, tech startups, interior design companies to large industrial companies.


Reach out if it sounds interesting to your company – also if you want to draw references from previous customers around the Brand Audit.