This is the third episode – in a special four-episode series of Design Can – presented in collaboration with 3daysofdesign. In this series, we'll explore the interesting journey of design, from a spark of creativity to production, and finally, its presentation and communication to the world.

Communication stands as the vital link in a creative chain – the pea in the pod if you will. It's the moment when your design is unveiled to the world. Today, we're privileged to talk with individuals who excel in this art of expression. Whether they are communicators, mediators or television presenters, they possess the expertise to communicate to a diverse audience.

So, how do they master the language of communication to ensure that everyone understands what Design or branding Can? That’s what we hope to learn today. Welcome to Design Can Move in collaboration with 3daysofdesign.

Today’s guests are Nanette Hale. Frederikke Aagaard and Signe Byrdal Terenziani. Host and interviewer is Kristina May.

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