Should we brand everything? What is good branding? What are the branding agencies’ responsibilities? 

Listen to Liza Enebeis, Katherine Richardson, Morten Grubak, Clare McNally, Mie Levi Fenger, and Kristina May giving their input.

Creative Director and Partner of Studio Dumbar, an award-winning international agency, Liza Enebeis shares her perspectives with Kristina May, in the first part of the episode. Liza is all about close collaboration with clients and colleagues and focusing on the ethical responsibility branding bears. 

In the second part, a panel of five leading profiles from different backgrounds discusses the topic with a broader angle, bringing new perspectives and trying to find solutions for the future of the branding industry. 

Before joining Studio Dumbar, Liza Enebeis worked for Pentagram London for several years. And she is co-initiator of DEMO - Design in Motion Festival.

The panel:

  • Katherine Richardson, Professor, leader of the Sustainability Science Centre at the University of Copenhagen

  • Morten Grubak, Global Executive Creative Director at VICE

  • Clare McNally, Creative Director and Copywriter at McNally Unlimited

  • Mie Levi Fenger, Head of Business Growth at Valified

  • Kristina May, Branding Strategist, Podcast Host and Founding Partner of AM Copenhagen


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