How can we use design to address complex problems, such as the health of our planet and the quality of our lives?

In this episode of Design Can, Kristina May interviews Jens Martin Skibsted, multi-award-winning designer and entrepreneur. They talk about his book, "Expand: Stretching the Future by Design," written with co-author Christian Bason, the CEO of the Danish Design Center.

The message is strong: the challenges confronting our world are expanding in speed, scale, and impact. Effectively addressing these issues demands ambitious approaches to designing solutions.

Throughout the conversation, Kristina and Jens delve into key aspects of the book, including:

- The challenges designers face when navigating conflicting demands of speed versus the importance of adopting a long-term perspective.

- Strategies to challenge current habits in the design process, creating room for sustainable innovation.

- The concept of expansive thinking - a proposed method that transcends traditional design methodologies.


Jens Martin Skibsted

Read about the book, Expand: Stretching the Future by Design


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