Strategy, visual identity & packaging design — Naughty Alchemist — AM Copenhagen — Graphic design studio
AM Copenhagen + Naughty Alchemist

The short version

From childhood Stella Nisreen Kanaan have been deeply fascinated by the nature and its ability to heal and produce natural beauty. Through the years Stella have made her mark with the cosmetic house Beauty Avenue. In the year of 2020 the rebel dream of a 100% vegan, organic and sustainable counter act to the well established beauty industry with the launch of Naughty Alchemist. AM helped form the brand’s fundament – from the preliminary workshops and the strategic development, to the shaping of the visual identity, packaging and interior design of the beautiful apothecary lab, where Stella now creates her own products in. 

The idea

Stella’s fascination off the resources from nature comes from an upbringing with a holistic view on inner and outer beauty. This insight and story became the fundament for the brand’s visual identity. It connects Stella’s childhood filled with nature and her curiosity, activistic and playful character. Authenticity and credibility is essentiel in an industry, where the notions of sustainable and natural has lost theirs. To Stella, these are not just pretty adjectives — they are the pole of her life’s compass. Therefor the natural beauty was the focal point for the visual identity, just as the project focused highly on creating a sustainable packaging design. 

The result

The logomark is hand-drawn by AM and references Stella as a child — in the field, collecting flowers and plants. The visual identity is focused around the mood and fascination of the nature. Naughty Alchemist is a modern and rebellious brand with a history, which in many aspects will differentiate itself in the beauty industry. The design focuses throughout the identity on the personal history and the individual natural beauty, with the result that all the elements contains small and personal natural un-perfect characteristics.