AM Copenhagen + Kongernes Samling

Long story short

Our project with the Royal Danish Collection, visualises one of the oldest monarchies in the world. The collection offers an astonishing glimpse into history through its assortment of historical gems, and is astoundingly located in the royal palace Amalienborg. We were honored to work with such a valuable heritage through our crown-inspired designs, and our project strived to be nothing less than royal.

The idea

AM wanted to showcase the archives of the Royal Danish Collection through a modern graphic identity and logo design. We created an identity from the idea of the reimagined artefact of the crown, to balance historical tradition and modern Scandinavian design. In a way, we wanted to bring the Danish monarchy into the twenty-first century by focusing on illustrating the incredible craftsmanship of the old artefacts of the Royal Danish Collection.

The outcome

Our project with the Royal Danish Collection included creating a modern graphic identity, with a nod to the history of the Danish monarchy, around the image of the reimagined crown-inspired logo. Besides from logo design, the graphic identity included print design for posters, brochures, and on-location signs. The logo design was inspired by the crown of King Christian V from 1671, with its intricate details and interesting expression. The chosen colour scheme for the identity also paid tribute to the European dynasty, House of Oldenburg.