A decrypting graphic identity. — Intellishore — AM Copenhagen — Graphic design studio
AM Copenhagen + Intellishore

Long story short

Our project with Intellishore revolves around the idea of translating the sometimes-intangible language of technical wizards, into understandable and manageable communication. Intellishore firmly believes in the importance of being able to communicate openly and easily with their clients, without overcomplicating the process with overwhelming amounts of data. Our goal was to reflect Intellishore as understandable management consultants, rather than fluent data-speaking Intellishorians.  

The idea

AM created a graphic identity for Intellishore, which focused on the consultant firm’s desired role as a middleman between regular human beings and complicated data. Intellishore believes in data as a stepping-stone toward improving business management, and their ambition is to help their clients toward success through tangible and open communication. The graphic identity was meant to encapsulate the company’s desire and open-mindedness through a modern, interesting, and engaging tone-of-voice and graphic design.

The outcome

The project for Intellishore focused on creating a graphic identity surrounding the idea of decrypting data to something more comprehensible and exciting. The outcome included logo design, office templates, print design, cool animations, and digital designs – all of which contains symbols within the custom typeface that represent the indecipherable data of technical wizards.  The idea with the identity is to create a visual representation of Intellishore’s desired role as an understandable partner, consultant, and middleman between technical data and real people.