AM Copenhagen + Gyldensteen

Long story short

Our ongoing partnership with Gyldensteen revolves around emphasising the craft and quality of the Danish brand’s homebrewed and homegrown apple cider. Gyldensteen offers an exclusive line of products, and the people behind these products are driven by a strong passion for sustainable farming and by maintaining a balance between innovation and tradition – ideas which we wanted to reflect in our design development for their products.

The idea

The design concept for Gyldensteen’s line of exquisite ciders, embodies the hundredth-year-old history of the Danish apple farming estate in the graphical elements, with payed attention to the product’s placement in the modern market culture. The idea was to combine a modern typographical look, whilst ensuring that the homebrewed and raw quality of the ciders would be communicated in the label design, packaging, and the overall graphics for the identity. We aimed for a “fizzy” design for a sparkling product.

The outcome

The project was developed in close collaboration with owner Peter Bernstorff Gyldensteen. Our designers at AM tasted the ciders and brainstormed ideas with Peter before undertaking the mission of designing labels and graphics for the products. The design focused on a modern Scandinavian look, with a nod to the history of the Gyldensteen estate through the use of creative imagery, such as the family crest, overflowing with apples. In addition to label design we created logo, business cards, folders, postcards, and a tasteful graphic identity with crispy product photography. With such systematic solutions, we ensured that the design can welcome all the new bubbles to come!