A youthful graphic identity for a youthful organisation. — Børns Vilkår — AM Copenhagen — Graphic design studio
AM Copenhagen + Børns Vilkår

A youthful graphic identity for a youthful organisation.

Every Child Deserves Happiness

Long story short

Our project with the non-governmental organisation Børns Vilkår (Children’s Conditions) revolves ensuring the betterment of the lives of children. Børns Vilkår works to  ensure children’s inherent right to feel safe, well-treated, and happy, and our goal was then to communicate the important message through an engaging graphic identity.

The idea

AM created an identity which would appeal to children and encourage them to seek help from Børns Vilkår, and communicate more openly about their problems, feelings, and worries. Looking into the field of youth charity organisations, the tradition was to communicate through melancholic and sad-faces images. Having spoken to children, we realised that they could not identify fully with the tone-of-voice and our mission was then to make the thematics more approachable. We wanted the identity and campaign to both illustrate the difficult aspects of being a child, but we also wanted to show the enjoyable and happy moments, to better capture the attention of the target groups.

The outcome

The project for Børns Vilkår focused on a visual identity with bright colours and an icon-based design, as it was important to us to address children in a way which they would find more engaging and interesting – without feeling patronised. We wanted the identity to be fun, quirky, and youthful, even though some aspects of the campaigns deals with harsh topics. From campaign development, web design, office templates, photographs, and poster design, we wanted to give Børns Vilkår the ability to communicate directly to children in an encouraging way, and make the children communicate in return – perhaps by contacting Børns Vilkår through their children’s support phone.