A revived brand personality and visual identity. — Selsø Slot — AM Copenhagen — Graphic design studio
AM Copenhagen + Selsø Slot

A revived brand personality and visual identity.

The Forgotten Manor

Long story short

Our project with Selsø Slot revolved around reviving an abandoned and previously forgotten manor, located by Roskilde Fjord. The manor had been untouched for two hundred years, with its remarkable 18th century interiors, and our mission was then to revive the identity for the estate – entirely from scratch.

The idea

AM wanted to create a visual identity and brand personality which would not only bring visitors to Selsø Slot, but also inform the Danish population about a two-hundred-year-old forgotten mystery. We created an identity which would be used both in the marketing campaigns, which would bring attention to the resurfacing of the manor, in general use within the manor-museum, and on digital platforms. The aim with the identity was to open the “time capsule” up to the public, and awaken a sense of adventure and curiosity in potential visitors.   

The outcome

The project resulted in the creation of a complete visual identity and brand personality for Selsø Slot, which reflected the interior design of the manor. The identity included the development of graphic design, brand strategy, logo design, campaign posters, and displayable signs and leaflets for the manor itself. One of the focal points of the design was to use various of the interior details of the manor, such as that seen in the tapestries and decadent furniture, in the graphic design to ignite future visitors’ interest in the forgotten manor.