AM Copenhagen + Kreakassen

A playful and spirited visual identity.

The Box of Never-Ending Creativity

Long story short

Our project with Kreakassen centered around the creation of a bouncy and spirited visual identity. An identity which would target children, as well as their parents, directly and encourage them to be more playful, creative, thoughtful, and present. The ambition of the Kreakasse concept is to fill a dynamic everyday-life with more crafts and creativity, and therefore we wanted to create a visual design which would reflect comparable ideas of playfulness.

The idea

Our idea and ambition with our collaboration with Kreakassen was to, in the best possible way, illustrate the message behind-, and helpful outcome of their product – through a colourful, dynamic, and inspiring visual identity. The identity drew inspiration from children’s natural creativity and imagination, as well as from the possible creations they could develop by exploring a “box of creativity” with their parents. We reached this outcome through focusing on soft shapes and the warmth and comfort of brave and playful colours.

The outcome

AM created a playful and child friendly visual identity for Kreakassen which was unfolded onto printed formats, products, and digital platforms. The result included a visual identity, spirited animations, website-, logo, and icon design. The abstract shapes, chosen for the design of the visual identity, drew inspiration from the body – especially hands, head, eyes, and mouth – to showcase some of the natural areas one might employ when creating something whimsical and creative. The icons were similarly inspired by the shapes design, to expand the playful universe even further, with the sharp edges of the logo as a friendly contrast.