AM Copenhagen + Egmont

A handheld graphic identity.

Serious Entertainment

Long story short

Our project with the Egmont Group focuses on the convenience of a modernised magazine reading experience. Egmont is an extensive mass media concern which has published a wide variety of magazines throughout the years – but which now has collected over twenty of their magazines in one single app. Our mission was to assist in a branding-, and graphic campaign for this exciting and reimagined app – Flipp.

The idea

AM designed a graphic identity for the Egmont Group’s app Flipp, which collects a selection of their magazines in a digital and easy-to-use solution. We helped create a branding strategy for the application, which would focus on the convenient nature of gradually moving away from the standard print-based reading materials. In the end, we strongly believe in digital presences and the appeal of having everything in one singular device. The aim was to make the design fun, engaging, colourful, and lose the traditional media framework.

The outcome

The project for the Egmont Group included creating a graphic identity, focused on showing either the various covers of the wide range of readable materials, or the convenient situations in which magazines can be enjoyed. The graphic identity also included a modern logo design, and page-turning details. To emphasize the easy-to-use quality of the Flipp app, the design focused on the positive, calming, and practical benefits of shifting from printed magazines to one collected digital version. The design was meant to be “seriously entertaining” all the way, with its ability to break the old, traditional boundaries