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AM Copenhagen + DoLand

A visual identity for those who makes a difference

Put your money where your heart is

Long story short

DoLand is an investment platform which advices and helps you to find sustainable businesses and projects that matches your values. DoLand selects the best initiatives which makes both an actual impact and maintains a good economy in sustainable categories such as green energi, healthcare and societal factors. DoLand’s slogan “Put your money where your heart is” describes their mission simple and precise: invest your money in the things that matters for you. DoLand is a new way of thinking investment and we are very proud to have been chosen to help make their brand come to life. We were given the task to create a full visual identity from logo, imagery and graphic elements, layouts and systems for both printed materials, their website and digital platform.

The idea
DoLand is for both the experienced, big investors and for the everyday-people, who just started their investing journey. This makes the target audience both wide and also including a very young segment in this business field. The visual identity is based on reaching out to all who has an interest in investing for a sustainability and a better future. We developed a playful world of illustrations to build on the idea that DoLand is a “land” for us all, and in this land there is room to dream big.

The result

The identity is focused on the digital platforms, where today’s investing takes place. This is the reason behind the use of strong colours and unique illustrations – to create fresh and young visual platform and invite curiosity. Alongside this, it was important to maintain a certain seriocity and credibility. AM is behind everything from the logo, colours, illustrations, layout systems and the design of the platform. In collaboration with the people from The Unicorn, there was made a short film for DoLand. DoLand’s visual identity is the result of an extensive collaboration between the team behind and their vision.