AM Copenhagen + Danish Internet Awards

Long story short

The Danish Internet Awards focuses on the new era’s possibilities and opportunities, specifically surrounding the all-dominating mediasource that is the internet. Danish Internet Awards (DIA), was all about celebrating and honoring the greatest talents and ideas of today. Our solution was a festive, yet classy graphic identity with gleaming graphics and textures, meant to capture the DNA of the brand.

The idea

AM wanted to lighten up the cheerful nature of Danish Internet Awards through a joyful, but still formal, tone-of-voice. Since the brand focuses on celebrating creative minds and innovative digital solutions, we wanted to create a graphic “language” that could reflect both its technological DNA, as well as the glamorous nature of the award show itself. The inspiration came from a DIAmond’s structure and its similarity to the typical stage rigging, used in concerts and similar events.

The outcome

The project included the development of a complete graphic identity. The idea is based around the diamond as a symbol, which not only is the visual representation of the brand name, but carries multiple interpretations. The diamond may represent the process of transforming a, sometimes crazy, idea into a polished result. It may also illustrate the enduring and “tough” quality of naturally minded creativity. The final outcome of the identity was a full digital design package, meant to be implemented into the award show – from the opening movie sequence, to the nominee introductions. The Danish Internet Awards still holds onto a few traditional elements, such as the winner-envelopes, backdrops, award statuette, and other brand merchandise elements.