AM Copenhagen + Bistro 28

Graphic identity and signage for an ambitious local food concept.

Reinventing the Cafeteria

Long story short
Bistro 28 unites the great traditions within local sports communities with high quality food. Bistro 28, and their sister company Madhus 24, believes in reinventing traditional gastronomy, and since they wanted to merge their two brands into one coherent identity, our goal was to uncover this perfect harmony in a worthy graphic design solution.

The idea

AM wanted to create a visual identity which would reflect Bistro 28’s innovative ambition of being “Denmark’s coolest cafeteria”. Bistro 28 wanted to break free from traditional stereotypes of poor-quality cafeteria food, by requesting a trendy and smooth design in the new, custom-made, and reimagined identity. The identity was designed to reflect a cafeteria with room for both social and association activities, as well as nothing less than delicious food. The solutions is a contemporary and modern tone-of-voice which emphasises the qualities of local sports communities.

The outcome

The project included the development of a fresh-looking visual identity for Bistro 28, inspired by some already-existing design components from Madhus 24. The outcome also included web design, printed design, a colour scheme inspired by the outside colours of the bistro’s establishment itself, and an interchangeable signage concept for the interior decoration to showcase today’s menu. The graphic design was used in both the digital presence of the brand, as well as on the interior design of the clubhouses and their delivery vehicles. A welcoming identity for Bistro 28 and Madhus 24 was brought to life in a creative manner which tied both businesses nicely together.