Moving a brand from a medical-, to a human focus. — Atos — AM Copenhagen — Graphic design studio
AM Copenhagen + Atos

Long story short

Atos is a world-leading company in the field of laryngectomy treatments. When our project with Atos began, their brand contained a very technological,- and industry focused tone-of-voice. Being the market leader within their field, we wanted the brand to address their end-users rather than merely the health industry. Our project with Atos was a full-blown rebranding process to move the brand into a new era of user-centric communication.

The idea

Since Atos Medical aim to help those with stoma to speak again, we wanted to create an identity and communication system surrounding the notion of regaining one’s voice. This was the main inspiration during the entire process, resulting in the tagline “Your voice” and the visual elements, reflecting the sound-waves of a voice. One of our ideas was also to use this element as a unique voice print for each individual end-user, to make the identity responsive for every patient.

The outcome

The project included a brand workshop to gather insight into Atos Medical’s ambitions, wishes, and to understand the function and quality of each product. The rebranding process included a full graphic identity with a new logo design, web design, animations, product packaging, printed materials, signage and interior decorations – all of which focused on the positive experience regaining one’s voice. The graphic identity communicates both the aspirations of Atos Medical’s brand, and the potential life-changing outcomes people might encounter when using their innovative products. We gave the brand a new voice, so that they could continue focusing on the voices of their users.