AM Copenhagen + Arne Jacobsen

Meet Arne – he is my type!

An absolute original

The short version

Designer Arne Jacobsen is a household name in Denmark. And his designs are known all over the world. And even if many associate his name with an established brand, it doesn’t actually exist. Until now. What started as a simple task to create a corporate website, soon became a strategic and creative project to develop the Arne Jacobsen brand – from scratch. It’s a case we are extremely proud to have been lead on from start to finish.

The idea

As most ideas the task came from a problem: Nowhere was Arne Jacobsen’s work collected. Drawings, textiles, sketches, watercolors were scattered to the four winds. This made it almost impossible to protect as cultural heritage and bring the true originality into the future.
So it was our idea to create Arne Jacobsen as an actual brand – and as the ORIGINAL brand which will always stand for uncompromising quality.

The idea was simple: To create an identity and a “stamp” which would be the customer’s guarantee that this was exactly what Arne Jacobson had intended in terms of design, material and quality – a claim that is supported by the fact that we are the direct descendants and family of the man himself. Besides being a simple, creative and strategic solution, it was also a business platform that gives security to the Arne Jacobsen products and the company for many years to come.

The Result

The task and our relation with the Arne Jacobsen family has only grown since we started. Besides the stamp and the logo, the identity also consists of a comprehensive typography built and designed around Arne Jacobsen’s own typography which he only ever drew in capitals and numbers. This work has been done in collaboration with type-designer Henrik Kubel. On top of that we have also made the most extensive collection of everything Arne Jacobsen has ever made – from original illustrations, furniture, sketches, textiles and buildings – and curated it into a digital library to strengthen and secure his entire legacy – historically and commercially.  This extensive work has also resulted in us making the visual identity for the Arne Jacobsen exhibition at Trapholt museum.



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